Psalm 51 and a Half

For all who are lying. A psalm of David, adapted by Erin.When the 2020 election did not go as it should have Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash Have mercy on us, O God,according to your unfailing love;according to your great compassionblot out our transgressions.Wash away all our iniquityand cleanse us from our sin. For... Continue Reading →

non-vocab words – volume 1

The English language is ever evolving. New words are added to the dictionary annually, and the way we use certain words has updated with each new generation. For example, anybody remember when ‘bad’ used to mean ‘good’? However, there are some words and phrases that continue to be problematic. We know about some of them... Continue Reading →

Resistance As Worship

One of my passions in this world is worship. When we think of worship, we think of singing, praying, and lifting of hands. Some of my friends from the Pentecostal tradition see worship as much more physically involved and boisterous than some of my United Methodist friends, for example.And that’s perfectly fine! Worship is deeply... Continue Reading →

Apologies Not Accepted

This last month has been hard. In the past 30 days, the United States has seen 3 Black people murdered.#BreonnaTaylor#AhmaudArbery#GeorgeFloyd#SayTheirNames And these are just the ones we know of. These are the PUBLIC ones. This seems to have hit harder than most. This time of year is often difficult for me emotionally. The anniversary of... Continue Reading →

Apology to my Body

I’m sorry I didn’t think you were good enoughI’m sorry I hurt youI’m sorry that I put the pain on you that I couldn’t deal withI’m sorry for the intentional cuts and bruisesI’m sorry for the abuse I put you throughI’m sorry that I tried to starve you, overfed you, and then got mad when... Continue Reading →

Generational Trauma

it impacts black women differently As I’m stress-cleaning my home, as I often do on my lunch break, I begin to think out loud and process what I’m feeling and thinking. I often do this when I’m alone. My brain wandered to my health and fitness journey. I aim to be a body-positive force and... Continue Reading →

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