Apology to my Body

I’m sorry I didn’t think you were good enough
I’m sorry I hurt you
I’m sorry that I put the pain on you that I couldn’t deal with
I’m sorry for the intentional cuts and bruises
I’m sorry for the abuse I put you through
I’m sorry that I tried to starve you, overfed you, and then got mad when you got confused
I’m sorry for not stopping when you asked
I’m sorry for not pushing on when you said you could
I’m sorry I don’t love you like you need

I’ve been awful to you, but I”ll try to do better.
I’ll try to give you what you need, masterfully paired with things I want.
I’ll mess up some days, but please let me know
I want to honor you
I want to grow into you
I’m tired of fighting with you

I want to measure our success by things other than your size and shape
Together, we will do amazing things

I’m sorry I didn’t think you were good enough.

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  1. Profound, so open. I hope you will share more with us. You have more heart & God given depth to your soul. ❤

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